Yesterday we realized that in order to gain muscle or lose weight, we need to eat a lot of pb&j’s or protein packed food.

Now I’ll introduce the convenience of a protein powder supplement.

One rounded scoop of this particular protein powder has 24 grams of protein.


Let’s make this as easy as possible, in a real life scenario.

My best friend, Elliott, weighs 185. He regularly lifts and has decided he wants to “cut.”  Cutting basically means that he wants to lower his body fat.

If we were to use the calculation for losing weight (.45 – 0.68 x body weight = total protein) he would want to consume, in the range of, 83.25 – 125.8 grams of protein a day. (.45 – .68 x 185 = 83.25 – 125.8)  Because Elliott has no desire to eat 10.5 pb&j’s he wakes up in the morning to a protein shake and has a protein shake after his workout. Thus, consuming 48 grams of protein powder in just two shakes. Even better, he’s a loyal Wisconsin guy, and mixes his powder with 8 ounces of 2% milk. That adds another 8 grams per shake. His total protein consumption on just two shakes is 64 grams of protein. This makes his goal of 83.25 – 125.8 grams of protein extremely reachable with his food intake. (remaining protein to hit goal 19.25 – 61.8)

protein resizeprotein resizeprotein resize

Now let’s say Elliott was trying to gain more muscle. (.6 – 1.1 x body weight = total protein) He would want to consume, in the range of, 111 – 203 grams of protein a day. (.6 – 1.1 x 185 = 111 – 203) Now usually body builders like to have a shake per meal and then a shake after a workout. So, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a workout would total 128 grams of protein for Elliott. (24 grams of protein in powder + 8 grams of protein in 2% milk = 32 grams of protein x 4 = 128 grams of protein) This would make him hit his goal and his protein consumption in food would all be a bonus.

protein resizeprotein resizeprotein resizeprotein resize

Stay tuned for more fun things about protein, including shake accessories, shake recipes, and introducing and exploring different types of protein!


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