Million Pound Challenge

Something incredible happened last night…


I maxed out on bench, I kid, I kid. I can do more than that….not a whole lot more, but more.

Monday I left work and recorded that Team Mill Haven Foods had raised 1,422.5 pounds of food. That in itself is a pretty wonderful number to reach in 13 days.

I set a goal for Team Mill Haven Foods to break into the top 10 by Friday. Well, we rocked that out in one night. Apparently we are all taking our fitness and our food pantry very seriously here. Not only did we manage to break into the top 10, landing ourselves at number 9, we broke the 2,000 pound mark.

It took us 9 days to break 1,000 it took us 4 days to break 2,000. I could not be more proud of the efforts being made to stock our food pantry and to increase our fit level.

We currently sit at 2,263.8 pounds, just awesome. Can’t wait to see what we do next week!

Even better news, there’s still time to Join Team Mill Haven Foods! Just follow this link and click “Join A Team”, pick exercise or weight loss (we recommend exercise), then in “Select a Team” choose Mill Haven Foods in ”Select a Benefiting Hunger-Relief Organization” scroll to New Lisbon Food Pantry.



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