Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is Coming

Most think of Valentine’s Day as a day of chocolate, cards, flowers, jewelry.  I figured I should let you in on a secret. Heart shaped boxes with chocolate in them are great, if you want to exercise for a month to burn it off.  Cards are meaningless without a message. Flowers die. And I’ve yet to meet a female that would actually buy herself a heart shaped necklace, heart shaped earrings, or hearts on her bracelet over the age of 13. And if you are a female and reading this and did buy yourself one of those things, it’s beautiful.

Now, I’m not saying those things aren’t nice, because yes the thought counts…a little. I googled what the average person spends on Valentine’s Day, anywhere from 120 dollars to 170 dollars. No worries. I don’t expect that. BUT, if you do plan on shelling out that kind of cash, let me help you perfect something for the athlete in your life.

First, I’m a known sneaker addict/Nike addict. I refuse to count how many pairs I have because it’s terrifying.  I went 6 months without fixing my muffler, which ended up being a bigger issue and not my muffler, while purchasing several pairs of shoes.


Anyways, I like creativity and the appearance of putting effort into something.  So let me design some thoughtful Valentine’s packages for the athlete in your life. I fully believe in the mantra of Bill Bowerman’s (Nike) “If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

A running shoe is a wonderful idea for two main reasons; no one can ever have enough shoes and they will love that you “remembered” what size they wear.  There are thousands of pairs of sneakers, what should you go with? Well, the answer is simple, a Nike Free. Females love the playful/bright colors; they are light and super comfortable.  Guys also love the bold manly color choices and again they are super comfortable.

Yes, I have a few frees, more than 1 less than 100. And my favorite would be the Nike Free Run 3 model. Because they colors were really neat, I wish I would have bought at least two more. Here’s one of my frees…


Second, a protein powder supplement. All active athletes need protein to recover.  It is nearly impossible for a busy/active person to eat their required dose or protein.  I recommend going with a Whey Protein Isolate.  These are great for after workout recoveries. Pick a flavored protein that you know your significant athlete would appreciate.  If you don’t know, go Vanilla.

Third, get them a shaker bottle.  I don’t know of a person that has ever said, “I wish I didn’t have a new shaker bottle.”  Truth is they are convenient.  Get him or her the 20 oz. blender bottle in his or her favorite color.  If you don’t know their favorite color get him the blue one or the all red one, get her the light green one or the all purple one.

Fourth, get them a gym membership.  Be careful with this step; make sure you buy both of you a membership at the same time so they don’t get offended. Make it like a couple’s activity. If you live in New Lisbon. See me in the school’s weight room, 20 bucks a month is a great deal. fitnesscenter

Remember, flowers fade but fitness is forever.


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