The Benefits of Natural Whey Protein

A spoon full of acesulfame potassium helps the medicine go down…wait.. no.

There are a lot of different flavored version of protein powder out there; from Ice Cream to Cinnamon Bun. But does the flavor add anything valuable, besides taste, to the protein?


Long story short. No.

One of the major components to being physically fit starts with what we use as fuel. Nutritionists/dietitians, trainers, athletes, fit enthusiasts, all believe in the notion of clean eating.

I was a dietitian major when I transferred colleges to play basketball. Oddly enough, I went to one meeting with the majors and they were discussing baking apple pies for a fundraiser. I had one question during this meeting, “how do I transfer back?” I transferred for less than 24 hours.

Clean eating is semi simple, eat the good stuff. The less processed the better the food. Many clean eaters are trying to remove all the chemicals from their diets.

  1. Clean eaters eat lots of greens that haven’t been altered.
  2. They eat meats that are straight from the butcher.
  3. Grains that haven’t been broken down. 
  4. They read and reread labels to make sure they understand what they are eating.

So many bodybuilders, health enthusiasts, athletes, etc. abide by these rules, but then fail to read the labels of their protein powder.  Fact is, sweetened protein powder is altered. The less ingredients the better.

Many protein powders contain artificial sweeteners. For years artificial sweeteners have been under attack with many critics believing that they can lead to cancer. The National Cancer Institute has said that there is no sound scientific evidence that any approved artificial sweeteners in the U.S. cause cancer. But, the song does go, “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down” not “A spoon full of acesulfame potassium helps the medicine go down.” And if you’re going to believe anyone, believe a woman that can pull an umbrella out of her purse, before umbrellas were collapsible.

And the fact is, it’s easy to add non flavored proteins to natural items that will flavor them. One of my go to shakes is a glass of almond milk, peanut butter, a banana, and a scoop of protein. Delicious.

And natural protein powder is great to add while baking. It easily addable to pancakes, muffins, and some people even put it into sauces. Be creative and try.

So, if you eat clean and take all the time to prep out meals for the week, really consider drinking clean.


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