Hunger Run

On Wednesday, June 25, we met Kyle Lang, a West Salem senior.  Kyle had embarked on an 101 mile Hunger Run in just two days.

Hunger Run

Hollie, Kyle, and Shelly

Kyle was attempting to raise $100 per mile, which would total just over $10,000 for The Hunger Task Force and WAFER Food Pantry.  The Hunger Task Force distributes close to 1,000,000 pounds of food to pantries, meal sites, and youth programs. WAFER is La Crosse’s largest food pantry.

Kyle was able to complete this incredible journey, 47 miles on Monday and 54 miles on Tuesday.


Hollie, Brad, and Shelly

While we were waiting to meet up with Kyle we met Brad who was also an unbelievable journey.  On April 29th, Brad flew from Minneapolis to Norfolk, Virginia, then assembled his bike and started to head to Anacortes, Washington. His total trip mileage when he arrives in Anacortes will be around 4,600 miles.  To follow Brad’s journey check out







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