Don’t Go Chasin Waterfalls…

It’s been a long time; I shouldn’t have left you, without some more blog posts to scroll through.

GREAT NEWS, I still am employed. Not so great news, if you read the last post…about New Year’s Resolutions and such, I’ve failed mine, miserably. My crock pot is still in its original boxing. I did however; ruin my knife set…not on food. I painted my windows shut and I needed to get those back open.


It was a super proud day in Lowe Jr.’s Household…not so much Sr.’s

But let’s not talk about my shortcomings and house ownership skills.

We’ve talked a lot about health, eating, fitness, but we haven’t talked about the importance of making time.

We recently came back from the North Shore for the Superior 100. Hollie’s brother, Travis, is one of these freak athletes that is capable of running more than 40 yards. Seriously he can run around 175,960 more yards or much more easily understandable 100 miles. I mean how does one find out they are capable of these things? It’s like hey, let’s balance on a trapeze bar with just my neck, while playing a drum. Uh what? Yes.



Side note, we just added an IT fella, Chris, if he ever goes through my computer, he will be so confused on what I save.

Ok, back to Superior. Hollie and I went up a day early this year to explore for ourselves. Every year when we leave, we are always, “Yeah, let’s make time and backpack for 84 years soon.” And then every year Superior comes and we have failed on last year’s goal. But this year was different! We made time, a day.


I heart Lake Superior.

So the day before the race started we set our sights on first exploring Gooseberry State Park. This is where the Superior 100 starts. Unfortunately for sightseeing, Trav is fast. So we can hear the falls, but we never get to see the falls and explore because Trav is fast and I drive slow.


Trav being fast.

So my job in the morning was to figure out which way to go, my internal GPS system is terrible, and my map reading skills are questionable. Luckily, Hollie has no interest in even attempting to look at a map, she even found a puddle and dropped our map in it. We gave up and asked a Park Ranger. She informed us that she, herself, has never seen more than a quarter of the park. But she gave us directions. Hollie and I were super pumped, we immediately disregarded the directions.  To be fair, I don’t know if we just didn’t want to use them or we genuinely tried and failed right at the gate. Ok. I do know…seriously though we have other skills.

Luckily, we didn’t look like novices, because Hollie had her Camelbak. And everyone, I mean everyone asked us questions. Hollie eagerly answered every single question, 97% of the time she was wrong.  We ran into two fellas that had been on the trail for 7 days. Or if Hollie told the story, “We met Ricki’s future husband and his best man on the trail.” He did have a great mustache. We wondered how long they thought we’d been on the trail, we figured probably the same.


Gooseberry Falls. 🙂

Semi related side story…Sometimes Hollie has really good ideas or really understands how bad we are at directions. She packed lunch, PB&J’s. After making mine in the morning, she said, “Hopefully it’s cool I licked the knife before I made yours.”  Sweet.

After successfully getting lost 4 more plus times, it became obvious we were always in the right place. Time didn’t matter just the moment, just the place. We left Gooseberry to head to Tettegouche State Park. We stopped several times in what should have been a 20-minute drive. We explored things and places we would have missed if we were on a schedule or if we set a plan. We saw more than what we expected, but really we saw what we deserved.


Black Beach. Not on the schedule.


We made it to Tettegouche. It was neat. But I already had my vacation, my mind already hit nothing, but just to be present. Semi related side story, Hollie doesn’t like bridges, Tettegouche has one insane bouncy bridge of fear. Her head spun when she told me to get to the other side of the bridge so she could cross it without me on it at the same time. There were also some other choice words…but I blacked out in fear and can’t fully remember them. When the day was done we hiked 13 miles or so. But, we felt like we could take on the world, and agreed that we’d take on a longer, more than a day hike once again.


Bridge of Fear

So here it is, make time. Health isn’t a weight, it isn’t age, it isn’t a rep count, it’s an overall feeling. After 13 or so miles, eating a burger at a bar right on Lake Superior, I couldn’t have felt healthier. I was in great company, had a great view, and a darn good burger.

So, go chasing waterfalls, don’t stick to the streams and the lakes that you’re used to, it’s healthy.

I’m going to leave you how my trail husband said his farewell, “peace, love, and goodbye.”


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