Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hollie and Brian are literally ridiculous with generosity. Check out what they did for us this year!


So here’s a quick recap, I need to blog more. Got it, thank you.

So, last year I talked about the proper way to make room for round three and four, and to skip the bun, because it’s a BUN. Need a refresher? Click here.

This year, I’m going to talk about really embracing the being thankful thing, not just Black Friday Eve Thanksgiving, but every day.

Examples are necessary, I know…

So here’s a small list of moments that I thought I was living the dream this past year. Mind you, I’m boring, and I love it.

I bought a house from one of the neatest families in the history of neat families. They could probably go on a TV show and compete for funniest family. I will not guarantee first place, but top 14 and at least a bedazzled participation ribbon. So, last Thanksgiving, my new neighbors, who are family to the original homeowner, dropped off lemon bars. I have not returned the favor; for fear that they would instantly remove me from the neighborhood. BUT how nice of them; that was definitely a thankful moment, I inhaled all of them, basically in one sitting. I love lemon. My Grandpa Hutch was a huge fan of lemon. We’d make homemade ice cream and he’d always remind my grandma, “more lemon Vera.” I was hooked. I don’t think my Grandma loved lemon, but she loved Hutch, so she tolerated lemon. That’s love.

Yes, home. I’m thankful for all the moments that have turned my house into my home.  I had super poor planning into buying my house. I didn’t have a lot of things; no chairs, no table, no couch, no plates, really nothing past my bed and a lawnmower. THEN the busiest family I know spent their Saturday forcibly fitting their old couches into my house. Yes, I’m incredibly thankful they gifted me their couches, but their determination, with my dad, to hypothetically fit a square in a circle, and be successful was awesome. Nothing else mattered to them in those moments, but to get me these couches. I’m super positive if I ever do move, the couches will have to be included with my house. Side note, the wedge is in my basement. But seriously, I am so lucky.


Well and shoes, I had shoes.

Last one about my house, I could go on forever. My pops often comes over and takes out my garbage, puts knobs on my cabinets, checks my lawnmower, checks my furnace, checks my tank, really he’s my maintenance man that ensures my house stays standing. He’s my hero.

The burger in Superior. Heck, all of Superior. I sincerely wish I met my current people earlier in life.waterfall

This is a two part-er, deal with it. Technically, I don’t have a sister, my parents decided after me, that they were done, for obvious reasons…BUT I have a Hannah. I skipped prom in high school, I’m not a huge fan of puffy dresses and my parents bought me shoes and a softball bat instead. I still have them.  ANYWAYS, Hannah’s first prom I was with her mom and her when she picked out her prom dress. I don’t care about prom, I don’t care about dresses, but this was special. Hannah found the most beautiful dress and in that moment, I was the biggest fan of prom and dresses. The next year, Hannah became even cooler when she skipped prom and we crafted together. That was also neat. And one of my favorite moments in my new home.


I had the opportunity to go to the LSU Badger game at Lambeau this year with one my forever friends, Elliott. Yeah, huge deal, huge game, just beyond awesome. I’ve never been to Lambeau. It’s beautiful and overwhelming. They also won. BUT, I think my favorite part was tailgating in the front of a random house with the family that owned the property.  The grandmother brought out pictures of her son that recently biked Ireland. The odd hospitality and warmth they showed, was bizarre, and incredible. Just proof that you can meet new friends, anywhere.


It was unreal.

Travis, Hollie’s brother, ran another 100 miler this year in Kansas. Kansas is no Superior, but it’s really nice to be away with good people and only having to focus on the next pit stop and what Trav might need.img_6358

This 100 miler was a bit different. He didn’t bring pacers and to find out that we might have to pace was, well, terrifying.  Luckily, for our sake, it was around mile 80 or so. We did a 5 minute jog followed by 5 a minute walk. He snuck in two 10 minute jogs, but that’s ok. My favorite part was after the 5 minute jogs, when he would tell me good job. Fella, what? You are on mile 9,000 and complimenting me. It was weird and awesome and I’m forever thankful for the time I get to spend with Travis and his wife Becky. They are uncomfortably good, genuinely happy people.img_6423

SO there it is folks. Some of my favorite moments, of 2015 – 2016 that won’t appear on Black Friday.  My advice for this week, for the rest of the month, for the rest of the year, life, whatever; slow down, embrace the everyday moments and how special they really are, because darn it they really are special.

All the best my friends, p.s. skip the bun.


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