Case of the Mondays

I think I am already off to a better start than last year with blog posts and it is only March. Holler.

Let’s talk about Mondays.

I don’t fully believe in Mondays. I mean, I get it they happen. They do. It’s a real thing. Got it. But this perpetual weekly, “case of the Mondays” vibe, lets talk that…

Today was Monday. I have now created peace with knowing that I shouldn’t plan my days, I let them happen. Hollie and Brian love projects, they love community projects, and they love to have 85 things going on at the same time. This fits my mold. I went to school at UW-Eau Claire, changed my major seven times, transferred for 17 hours to play sports, to transfer right back, sorry mom and dad. I then graduated in four years, to then move to Boulder, Colorado, twice, to move right back, twice, again sorry mom and dad. Non-related side story, my first major choice in college was to design sneakers…I don’t know, sometimes I wish my parents killed my dreams.

BIg BLue

One of Hollie and Brian’s Projects…the Big Blue Classic

Anyways, because Hollie and Brian love projects, this past weekend was the Big Blue Classic, a youth wrestling tournament. So my day started by kind of tying up the loose ends of the weekend. I went to unload one of the vehicles we used to transfer items back to Mill Haven Foods from the school. I hit the button to open the trunk….and bam, three gallons of salsa, sodas, and chips all over the ground. Mind you it’s 8 am, I mean hello Monday.


Yeah, no joke.

Luckily, I did all of this, with my new coworker/friend Lindsey. So there we are…pop rolling away, hissing out soda in all directions, and salsa splatters all the way up to the knees. I’m short, but it still was an impressive splatter height. And you know what…I didn’t hate it, I actually laughed really hard, several times. I mean I hated smelling like a fiesta for the rest of the day, sorry Sandy. But it’s a memory…and it’s a lesson to not just open a trunk.

Craft Gray

Here’s Lindsey matching her design to her outfit.


So I read a bit. And I really enjoying reading from successful go getters and their paths to success. There is this fella named George Lois, he is a brilliant marketing and advertising genius that is incredibly blunt. One of his bullets that struck home with me is, “Throughout your career, be thrilled that you’re doing work you love.” I believe in what I do, I’m oddly intrigued by the next goal, the next project, the next whatever. I want to make things better, I want to get to the end faster, I want to make things look fantastic, I want things to go flawlessly, and I want the projects we do to tap new markets. But most importantly I want to do all of these things with the “right” people sharing the same goal, the same vision, and to be able to smile while doing it, even if it’s shoveling salsa off the ground. I mean, come on, a full time job at the minimum is 40 hours a week, we might as well spend that with good company.



Yes, I have books.

I get it, it’s a crazy idea, to love your job. However, a funny thing happens when you start smiling and you start connecting with what you do. Work becomes fun, “work becomes worship.” Another George Lois bullet. I’m odd, I get it, I live to work, I live to reach goals and push myself to the next thing. A lot of my non Mill Haven Food friends, don’t understand me. It’s ok, I don’t understand them either.


“If you do not work passionately (even furiously) at being the best in the world at what you do, you fail your talent…”

So here’s a challenge, connect with those 40 or so hours. Goals aren’t just for kids, they are for everyone, create a list of things you’d like to accomplish, what you’d like to strive for in the near future. And darnit, chase those dreams, learn new things, make your work your worship. Be passionate, be proud, and just go.

Also, just a heads up, we’re hiring. So maybe, come chase goals with us.


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